Friday, June 14, 2019

The next chapter

     It only took 4 hours to arrive to Chiayi by bike. It is almost 8pm and I didn't have dinner yet. I will get the popular Turkey rice. But, I will need a drink. So, a bowl of turkey rice is 35NT and 20NT of ice tea is 55NT. I still have 1, 945 NT of cash and I need to pay for an accommodation. I went to the next local hostel which costs 500 NT a night. Damn it! Now, I only have 1,445 NT and I am not sure if I can go to North. I still need to buy a new shirt and shorts because I need to exchange my outfit. Again, 200 NT less. Now, I only got 1,225 NT. 
   The next morning, I have decided to use my 7-11 card to get my breakfast. I still have 335 NT of points. I've decided to ride my bike toward Yunlin. It will only take 3 hours. I arrived at noon. I needed to take a break. Summer in Taiwan is like a hell. I stopped at a family Mart to feel the air conditioning. I bought a bottle of water and sat there for a few hours while I was checking the google map. Jilin's family probably live near some the hot springs in Beitou. But, I wasn't sure. I spoke to 7-11's guy who was super friendly. Poor thing, he works 10 hours daily in a place where communication is almost zero. I told him my friend's story and he was fascinated about it. He said I could ask to the local cemeteries to search for the name of the deceased person if I couldn't find Jinlin's family. Not a bad idea. Because I know her family wants to hide the story of her mom's death. In addition, the cemeteries might have more information from hospitals and the local people. 
   It was 2pm and the weather was cloudy. It is not a good idea to ride my bike. But, it is much better than riding under the sun. I had the raining coat. So, I decided to keep going and try to arrive in Changhua. I know it will take another 5 hours. Well, I will just go wherever the wind can take me. 

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Continuation of the story

    I've decided to follow that bird with my bike to North. I suddenly remembered the story of my childhood's friend. She lives abroad. She told me that her mother died when she was born. The strangest thing was her family hiding her mom's death. Some people said her mother died of an illness. But, the neighborhood's kids said her mother committed a suicide. I promised her many times that I will search for more information about her mom when I moved to Taiwan. But, I never did. I felt I was so self-absorbed with my own life and I couldn't think about others. 
   My friend Jinlin deserves to know about her mom. In addition, Jinlin was super nice to me while I was struggling. I've decided not to let her know before I really find the information about her mom. Jilin's father took her to America since she was 4 years old, and never returned to Taiwan. Her father forbid her to keep in touch with her maternal grandparents, never allowed her to learn Mandarin. So, this would make it more difficult for any future contact. She doesn't have the address of her family members and doesn't remember her family member's names. She can only recall that they lived in a village near Beitou. She showed me the picture of her mom. I understand some painful memory should be forgotten. But, I still think she deserves to know what really happened to her mom. It is not fair her father cut her ties with her maternal family.
    I am sure Jinlin will always miss a part of her life. I will do my best to recover it for her. So, I've decided to ride my bike because my scooter is broken for 2 weeks, and I don't know why I didn't take it to be fixed. I was thinking to stop in the train station and take a train to go to Taipei directly. It would be easier. But, I don't know where I left my debit card and I only have 2,000 NT of cash in my wallet and 386 NT in my 7-11 card.The next pay will be only on tenth day of the next month. So glad I didn't book the classes for this month yet. I don't have to go to work until I am back.I won't be able to take High Speed Rail. Maybe "Express mail" train. But, I will need more time to do a research and find the place where her mother's family live. Perhaps, taking different local trains and stopping in different locations to share the story to the locals and get more information. One of my friend called me "nuts". He has no idea how this could be important to someone's life.
  So, I left from Tainan to Chiayi first. I have no idea how long it will take to Chiayi station. It is about 1 hour by car. So, I believe it is about 6 hours by bike. I only have a backpack with many underwears and bras. I won't take any clothing. If I need to exchange my outfit, I will just go to Night street market and get a t-shirt and shorts for 100NT each. If people don't know my real story, my parents and I lived in a normandic life for many years. So, I don't feel worried about this. I just want to find what I am looking for. 

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Writing a novel again or attempting to

   It all started with a nest in my vent. Birds suck literally. I know there are birds growing inside. They flap their wings repeatedly making those noisy sounds and disturbing my peace. But, I've decided not to call a professional to remove the nest. I don't agree with breaking the cycle in nature. Sometimes, I believe it is a signal. Because I was so obsessed in painting on canvas and drawing. The themes were always birds. 
   I really can't remember any reason why I painted so many species of birds. In my Artworks, you will find flamingos, macaws, blue jays, owls, etc. I just don't have any specific reason. About the nest in my vent, I wasn't wrong. I had the proof. Today, a small bird just left the vent. But, it flew inside my house instead of outside. I have no idea how it came inside. Because the vent's hole above my stove is too small comparing to the one from outside. That little shit was desperate for freedom. It was flying everywhere hitting on the walls and scaring me. I was afraid it will hurt itself or die. 
  I opened the doors giving it the direction to the balcony. So, it could finally be freed. Who said that little shit flew away? It stopped next to me on the floor. I told it "Just leave, and learn how to find yourself". Then, it left. I watched the bird flying to the North direction.Suddenly, I had in my mind about the superstition that birds bring lucky to your house. They must be black birds. This was black. I am not sure what kind of bird it was. But, it reminded me a chickadee with no white combination. It was black and gray as I can recall. That little shit was cute. 
  My decision was observing the North direction until it convinced me to leave my home and follow the North direction. I didn't pack anything and I left without any date to return. 
  About the day after I left, it is going to be on the next chapter. 

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Calling me after midnight

  He called me after midnight when I ignored him for a month. The way I answered his phone call was "Why are you calling me now?"

 He, "Why are you answering my phone call? Ok, Good Night!" and he hanged up. He was too proud to admit he was missing me. But, his gesture just proved me a lot. 


 I bought him all the balloons he chose and a piece of cake. I told him "I am moving sooner, you will need to accept that everyone will leave you someday."

He shared a piece of cake with me and said "Don't say that!"